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She loved you. Dear god, that girl loved you. You watched her give you all her time and energy. Meanwhile, you laughed in her face and walked away slowly, praying she wouldn’t notice you leaving. You stepped away in centimeters, though she would run endless miles for you. And you didn’t even care. You try to come around again, making it blatantly obvious that you want her back. Using a jealousy tactic, but still trying to be nostalgic with memories from a love that you left in shambles. But a year has passed and she is smarter. Stronger. Better. You try to sink her; to drown her in the sorrow that is broken dreams of a fucked up future. But in the last 12 months, she taught herself to float. She taught herself to fly. And she finally closed the door that you left cracked for a year. She moved on. It took a year for her to repair what you broke. And it took a year for you to realize that you love her. Dear god, you love that girl. You look back and see she gave you all her time and energy, and you try and chase after her. But now her boat’s halfway around the world.


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